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No, they’re refusing to…

So you already have access to insulin but you spent your money on Fallout and you insisted that you didn’t even USE your money for insulin.
Okay then.

Yeah, I stated I had SOME insulin left over from when I had insurance, good job, I never hid that fact, but guess what? Insulin isn’t an everlasting gobstopper, I have to get more every month, it runs out, it isn’t some magically neverending thing.

I haven’t needed to use my donations money yet, for obvious reasons, and I have said numerous times that I used the money I made from selling my shit to buy the game, a $15 game, $15 of which wouldn’t make or break me from buying insulin.

But yes, keep trying to insist that I’m a con artist, but at least be open with the fact that you’re actively trying to kill me while you do so. :)

I am not trying to kill you. I’m trying to tell you to stop stealing money from unsuspecting people and spending it on luxuries you don’t even need. I refuse to give money to anyone on the internet for this very reason because I WILL NOT pay for someone to buy video games and other shit they don’t need. 

That’s the funny thing tho, I’m not spending the money on luxury items, I never had, and I never will. It’s for insulin, and there is no way possible for be to have spent said donation money on anything but. I go over this more in my FAQ and I’m tired of having to reiterate to you specifically how I never spent the money on that video game, because it just falls on deaf ears tbqh.

I don’t think you’d give a dollar to a homeless person on the streets, let alone anyone else who needs money to live. Derailing and misinforming people about my situation for the need of life saving medication is in fact you wishing death on me and putting your hand in the ring to have me die, just so you know.

Video games ARE a luxury though. So are all those expensive Hollister and Abercrombie clothes. And those solid gold pikachu earrings. Everything on your wish list is made up of luxuries that I myself can’t afford. I can’t afford half the shit you have. But I WORK for my money instead of beg for it and feeding off of people’s sympathy. 

You know what, though? Being poor doesn’t mean that one must be denied anything and everything that someone else may consider a ~luxury~. That even spending $15 to buy a four year old game is considered a kind of ~cheating~ or ~scamming~. Kat has explained repeatedly where the money to buy the game came from, but y’all just can’t let it go or stop your disingenuous concern trolling.

Plus congratulations for being able to ~work~ for your money. Have you considered the possibility that disability can mean some people can’t work?

You are such a disgusting caricature of a human being.

jesus didn’t this go on MONTHS ago. isn’t her insulin like $400/month. a fucking $15 game is a drop in the bucket.

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god does not smile on sevens without crossbars

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new job w/ consistent, guaranteed full-time hours \o/

Araminta Ross became a “slave for hire” at the age of 5. She did domestic work, field work, cared for children. She once said that one of her mistresses would savagely whip her almost every day, first thing in the AM. As a result, she would put on “all the thick clothes she could” to protect her body from the blows. When she was teenager, she stood before an overseer who was in pursuit of another slave. He took a lead weight & crashed it on her head. She was deeply wounded. She said that the blow “broke her skull.” She was carried back bleeding. She had no bed. They lay her on the floor. She was sent back to her parents who thought she would die. She survived. She went on to become Harriet Tubman. She freed slaves daringly & without fear. This is the person who [Russell Simmons] laughed at.

Blogger “Prison Culture” response to Russell Simmons parody video “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape”.

Respect Harriet’s legacy and the rebuke the attempts to make light of the sexual violence Black women experienced during slavery.

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my white protesters please remember that you’re rarely at the same risk we are when you stand up for what is right


my white protesters please remember that you’re rarely at the same risk we are when you stand up for what is right

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my message to allistic allies is to do your research before donating to any autism-related charity. Find out what their purpose is. If there’s anything about a “cure,” that’s a hate group, not a charity.

Coming from an autistic, ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) and AWN (Autistic Women’s Network) are some good ones that I recommend. 

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i love those posts that claim that if giant corporations paid their employees a fair wage they would be forced to raise their prices dramatically, as if they’re charitable outfits that never charge more than they absolutely have to, out of the goodness of their hearts

nah they charge as much as they can get away with, and pay as little as they can get away with, in order to maximize profit, welcome to capitalism

…holy shit i had totally forgotten this fact when i see those arguments

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hey sooooo remember how the police in ferguson were going to start wearing body cameras

the police officers’ union is bringing out every last excuse to keep it from actually happening

actual quote from the article: “This gotcha discipline that we have with the dash board cameras is what we’d be afraid of,” Roorda said.

"gotcha discipline"

basically “any tangible way of holding us accountable for abusing our power is what we’d be afraid of”

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I remember when I first found out the truth about “Somali pirates” I got chills because of how horrific the truth was and how insanely creepily well the media had twisted the situation. Every single fucking article making it seem like these “pirates” were just after money or something holding innocent people hostage and I never gave it a second thought, why would I? There was no indication that people were trying to legitimately fight off disgusting imperialism that left nuclear waste in their waters, that over 300 people have died from radiation sickness, that Europeans have been stealing Somalia’s seafood because they overfished their own waters and the indigenous fisherman are starving and so these “pirates” emerged to deal with those stealing their country’s natural resources. The truth is enough to make anyone sick to their stomachs.

This is a great article about the truth about Somali pirates, in case anyone wants a source.

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How to fly a relativistic rocket somewhere really far away (part 1)


For lesbian reasons, I have been thinking a lot about spaceships recently.

Let’s suppose you urgently need to reach another star system. And generation ships and suspended animation aren’t an option.

In this post, we’ll work out some relevant maths to help you get there. This post covers the relativistic rocket equation,


To see what’s different about it, we’ll work it out alongside the somewhat better known, Newtonian Tsiolkovsky rocket equation,


I’m going to try to cover the basics of Newtonian mechanics and special relativity needed for the derivations. The derivation itself uses a bit of calculus (differentials of functions, product rule and chain rule, integration of 1/x) and some logarithms, but nothing beyond A-level. Hopefully I’ve included enough that you can get something out of this post even if you stop at the maths-heavy bit! The next post, using this equation to work out a space mission to another star, should be a bit more accessible.

Note to XKit users with Read On Dash: I’m using MathJax to render the equations here, so you need to view it on my blog. Viewing on dash won’t do much for you unless you’re really good at TeX.

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