I wrote a thing about transmisogynists - radscum to MRAs to ~allies~ - who defend misgendering as ~JUST SCIENCE.~

If you on calling me, my body, or any part of my anatomy ‘male’, and try to justify yourself by claiming that it’s “just science!”, consider:

  1. 'Science' is not and never has been a neutral arbiter of truth, but an institution that overwhelmingly uses and reinforces the existing biases and power structures existing around it. Patriarchal white imperialism has had a stranglehold on the world, and of course academia, and thoroughly tainted Western ideas of what science is.

  2. 'Male' and 'female' are not objective, neutral terms with no bearing on anything but some sort of ~pure scientific truth~. Pretending they don't have any gendered meaning is arrant bullshit.

  3. Naming things is an inherently arbitrary and subjective process to begin with, and is not in any way the product of a scientific process.

  4. And if you still arrogantly persist in claiming that SCIENCE says I’m ‘male’, well, the ‘~biological, scientific~’ definition of ‘male’ and ‘female’ isn’t even what you think it is.

    You know how in seahorse reproduction, the ‘male’ carries the young? You might wonder why they call it the ‘male’ at all then, why they don’t just flip the labels. The answer is because, as biological terms, ‘male’ and ‘female’ are defined solely by the size of the gametes an organism produces. ‘Male’ seahorses carry the young, yes, but they produce much smaller gametes than the seahorses dubbed ‘female’ - and that is the only basis for these ~scientific~ labels.

    I don’t produce any gametes, so the ~official biological scientific~ definitions of male and female don’t cover me at all.

    Your stale oppressive bullshit isn’t even consistent within its own biased, specious, transparent framework of lies. Congrats.

Special mentions!

If you think you’re an ally and are about to pull one of those “the difference between sex and gender!” spiels, think hard about what you’re actually trying to say and if it’s right; overwhelmingly, when I hear people give those spiels, they end up implying that I’m ‘male-sexed’ or ‘male-bodied’ and so on. Not okay, go fuck yourself.

And to radscum who know PERFECTLY well that science is a flawed patriarchal institution but suddenly and mysteriously forget all that and act like devoted uncritical adherents when it comes to bashing trans women: yeah, sure, not fooling anyone.

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