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This is an angry disabled person post


Sometimes I make these.



You think this is funny, but only because this isn’t your life.


1. It is better for a person with a physical disability to walk without any visible mobility aids than it is to use a wheelchair, crutches, or cane—even if the person finds it painful or tiring to walk unaided, and/or is danger of falling.
2. If someone’s disability causes them to have an unusual gait, this is a problem, and it would be an improvement if their gait could be changed to look more normal, even if this didn’t make the person walk any faster or more easily.
3. Habits that mark someone as a person with an intellectual disability or autism, such as flapping hands, are inherently bad, and people who do them should be trained not to do them.
4. If there is a conflict between someone with autism and someone without autism, it’s the person with autism’s fault. If a person with autism gets bullied, this is evidence of why #3 is true; if no one had been able to tell they had autism, this wouldn’t have happened.
5. If someone misunderstands a person with autism, it is because the person with autism didn’t express themselves right.
6. Deaf and hard-of-hearing people should learn to lip-read. Hearing people need not learn sign language.
7. So basically, people with disabilities should always try to communicate in a way that is comfortable for people without disabilities, even if it makes the people with disabilities uncomfortable
8. To sum up, any habit, style of movement, facial expression, interest, feeling, word choice, way of pronouncing words, way of sitting, way of communicating, okay you get the idea, that is commonly associated with disabled people is
a. the opposite of success, and must be destroyed to improve someone’s “functioning”
b. morally wrong in some cases—that is, the person who is doing the behavior that’s associated with disability becomes automatically wrong in any conflict
9. If someone who used to look like they had a disability now doesn’t look like they have a disability (to most people), then they are recovered/cured (no matter how negatively it affects them to hide their disability, and no matter how many less visible aspects of their disability continue to affect them).
10. Don’t kill yourself after reading #1-9 because people will just think you killed yourself because it was so depressing to be disabled.

Even BADD can’t make this suck less.

In short, today is a bad day, but it’s my own fault for wanting to feel like a person.

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hello hello!! 

This is Kadaj speaking—! I was the one who said “did I stutter” and I sincerely apologize for the implied/blatant ableism! It’s a common colloquialism where I live and I didn’t even realize how that could be a problem (even as someone who stutters due to anxiety.) I won’t use it again & I will be sure to watch out for any other ableist phrases.

love u cuties and again i’m sorry!


But stuttering can literally make you harder to understand…and you actually do stutter…so how on Earth is this a bad thing? If someone is so thin-skinned that they’re super offended that you referenced a negative thing in a negative way, I honestly don’t imagine there’s much hope for their sensibilities either way.

Let me tell you a story.

My sister stutters. Always has.

She was in therapy for it for a while. It helped some, not too much.

Her friends noticed it. They made fun of her. It was always pointed out.

In foreign language classes, she gets lower grades for not being able to speak without a stutter in those languages.

Do you know how she stopped stuttering in English?

She stopped talking.

She talks minimally now. She avoids stutter words. She isolates. She has very few friends.

People point out stutters every single day. Can you imagine? Being told, day after day, to “speak clearer” when you can’t. To say words you cannot say because you get stuck. To have your friends pick on you for your stutter. To do badly in subjects that are your strengths simply because of a stutter.

She cannot remove her stutter.

And do you know her response to that “did I stutter” meme?

It’s despair and frustration. She loathes it. So, in effect, I too hate it.

If you do not make the effort to understand someone who stutters, that’s your problem. Stutters don’t just magically go away. You have NO excuse to insult those who stutter simply on the basis of how they speak.

If you have difficulties understanding stutterers because of a disorder, that’s okay. Find an interpreter. Don’t put them down.

It’s not “thin skin”. It’s microaggressions.

But hey. You want to go pushing people like my sister back into their suicidal phases? You are less than pond scum.

This. This is why I won’t be saying it anymore. I’m so, so sorry for what I said. I feel so shitty. My stuttering is temporary, and I am lucky to not have it all the time and have all those microaggressions. I am so sorry people treated your sister that way @autisticlynx. 

I fucked up, badly. I really did. And I hope to make it up to all ya’ll with stutters because I wronged you so bad. 

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white people and non-black people of color, when trying to mock people and make them sound stupid and uneducated, can you not use AAVE? or otherwise use coded language and visuals?

especially the habitual be and dropping of the copula, because I see those two all the fucking time. it’s really gross and even people who i follow do this or reblog things where it’s happening.

and I see non-Black women do this when mocking men in contexts such as street harassment and it’s not cute and just makes you look like a big anti-black racist :)

(and “make them sound stupid and uneducated” is horrible & inherently linked to antiblackness, ableism, and classism in the first place…)

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“But don’t let your illness stop you!!!1!1!!”

I’m not “letting” my illness stop me it just plain IS stopping me it’s an ILLNESS it makes me ILL that’s what it DOES.

Everyone needs to read this.

Seriously.  People seriously do not fucking understand the concept of “SICK AND WILL NOT GET BETTER,” or “NO, ACTUALLY, THERE’S SHIT I CAN’T FUCKING DO.”

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I think what a lot of able bodied people forget, is that chronic means forever/persisting/all of the time.

Especially for people with chronic pain. That pain is constant. It may vary in severity, but it is always there.

We live with it, so it rarely shows on our faces. That doesn’t mean we are fine, just because we look fine in that moment.

Chronic pain is just that, chronic.

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A flower for every person that died within 6 weeks of ATOS finding them fit for work.


A flower for every person that died within 6 weeks of ATOS finding them fit for work.

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people have no idea what its like to be 14 and have everyone telling you that you’re faking and pretending to be ill for attention or to skip art class and the doctor’s telling you you’re ‘just being a teenager’ when you actually had a serious kidney disease

if someone hadn’t eventually listened to me i would have died

Please, please support self-diagnosed teenagers, don’t pretend they’re not really disabled, don’t belittle or mock them, don’t exclude them from disabled spaces and for the love of god don’t pretend you know more about them than they do

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People say “professional”

when what they really mean is “not having visual/behavioral markers of being poor, disabled, or culturally ‘other’”

which effectively shuts out of professional careers the very people who are most likely to be in dire need of income

I see your bullshit

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